someone lost his hair 2   SLIHH2 klein

Objet Perdu : wood, polyester
dim. in cm : 180x180x160
edition : 1
Photography by : Mariska de Groot, NL

An object washed ashore at the break of dawn at Scheveningen Beach is part of a performance

The artwork “Someone lost his hair” is to many people a tangible object. Its appearance primarily draws attention. The interesting part however lies in its content.

Someone lost his hair’ is a reaction to the distress of modern society.
“For years, one is involved in war and terrorism, one fights against anything that is ‘unknown’. In a world in which appearance sometimes seems more important then the content we tend to get a little lost.” According to me, we appear to lose our head in the massive stream of information we come across in daily life.
‘Someone lost his hair” invites us to renew our views on appearance and lead us back to the value of content.

The event took place al morning. The object was curiously investigated by people passing by and repeatedly inspected by coastguards. After the performance in Scheveningen, the object was displayed in the Netherlands in the City’s Hengelo, Arnhem and Amsterdam City Centre. The latest she was shown at NordArt 2014, Germany.