MISCOM BY OLIVI   IMG_20121119_201746   IMG_20121119_201756

Title : MISCOM
Speech installation
Installation : can steel, steel, copper
dim. in cm : 350x230x140
edition : 1

Is some communication misunderstood or are manipulative messages being broadcasted / casted out for real?

Hear what you want to hear or a result of your own perception? Every listener receives a different sound athough they are on the same frequency. An original message can be interpreted in many ways.

Miscom is represents Earth. There are as many cans as countries each with equal size and voice participation.
Because the intensive classification of water and land, our globe offers ‘limited’ space for certain populations. A circel disproportionately packed that leads often to chaos inside. A metafor for miscommunication between languages and tradition, colors and religions, simplicity and wealth.