IFAA International Festival of the Arts is a cross-disciplinary festival and Artist in Residency platform that takes place in different cities around the world. The core, facilitating and encouraging multidisciplinary art forms and knowledge exchange between different cultures. In short celebrating a culture of cultures.

IFAA sees art as a catalyst for change, innovation and human progress and welcome all kinds of partnerships with institutions, companies and people working in the creative industries. Even individuals who are interested in promoting and strengthening the cross-cultural artistic exchange, support the organization.

IFAA 2012 ’13, has recently been realized in Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium through the cooperation of Foundation Au Fil de la Terre Thamgidi Foundation, IFAA Arnhem and several Dutch and Belgian cultural institutions. Artlab also been asked to contribute. Their bit This time to support the owner, artist Olivie. He showed at the invitation of IFAA LLN 2012 a sculptural work from its own collection and were also asked to take care of the entire festival. Scenopraphy

At various locations in the city of Louvain la Neuve and some sub-villages has Artlab installations for Olivie care. In these locations were several artists from all over the world represented. With the concept that all of these sites would be visually connected Artlab has been enormous challenge. A metaphorical muscle in the whole body for a suggested had all together into a vital organism. The vein lines were fed from the artworks, through buildings towards the outside world. Kilometers red aorta was carefully installed with the cooperation of the artist. 15mtr. high cultivations, staircases up and down. An immense operation with lifts and porto’s.