olivie oliviëborn august 3rd. 1976 is a new contemporary artist and non-studied philosopher living in Europe. Stationed where the soil is fertile. Now based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

His work consists sculptures, installations, concepts and scenography’s.

Shortly after he finished his study graphic design Olivië’s his work evolved from 2d to 3d due to his fascination for example architecture. From this area he was searching the meaning of his path and developed his own autonomous work.
As self-thought he transformed and found out it wasn’t the architecture specific. The magic key lay in it was ‘connection’ as general characterization.
That word ..mankind discovered it in nature and science and continued it in development, infrastructure, logic, religion or whatsoever. It is an endless melting pot of inspirations from where his artistic name was born. He legalized his opinion to the fictitious free-state ‘Olivië’. the pseudonym was the beginning of his career. In full name: Olivië, De Boer Von Regge Zum Rhein.

His art is primarily based on human behavior and interaction in daily life. By emphasizing details of routines found in cultures, politics, society overall, landscapes and man ruled structures, spectators are provoked to renew their view on these apparently insignificant things, therefore he invites you to take a peek into his world.

“As a contemporary artist I am continuously looking for different platforms outside the regular stages to exhibit the meaning. I choose for the unexpected and surprising location to trigger people passing by. Places where creatures gather and connect.

I take the liberty to determine the optimal environment to display the content without having to make adjustments in the interest of other parties.

Art is essentially anarchic, insofar as it is against the established order, against authority and against conservatism. And therefore art is often a protest for opposition in all that is inhuman and degrading or against everything that affects man in his dignity.

Art opens our eyes to the wonder of the world and the presence of man in it but also for the poverty and exploitation thereof. In even the most advanced industrial societies is much room for improvement.

Fortunately our time is more suitable than ever for a universal effort to make heaven on earth. For that globalization, secularization and demythologizing play a major positive role.
For the contemporary artist art itself is the force of his social activity, his commitment. Art is the visible manifestation of a humane and humanizing action that requires and implies freedom”

Encounter his work in public places and private collections, companies and government agencies.